Have your R&D questions answered
Book a consultation with an R&D Specialist to ensure you’re confident and ready to lodge your FY18 R&D Tax Incentive claim.
At Nifty Grants we aim to make claiming the R&D Tax Incentive easy and affordable by providing a predominantly online service. We know that jumping straight in can be a little daunting, especially when a potentially generous R&D refund is your objective.

To ensure you get the best out of Nifty Grants, and are properly prepared to complete your R&D claim, book a consultation with a Nifty Grants R&D Specialist to have your questions answered. 

Here are some of the common topics we get asked: 

Preparing to claim
  • Understanding overall eligibility
  • What business structures complicate the process of claiming R&D
  • Best practice for writing a claim with the regulator audience in mind
What to claim
  • Handling payments to associates 
  • Working with overseas expenses
  • Implications of working with contractors, agencies or RSPs 
  • Implications of manufacturing under contract arrangements
R&D compliance
  • Complying with ATO tax alerts
  • Were my past claims compliant?
  • Documentation storage
  • R&D claim audits 
Take a tour
If you use Nifty Grants to complete your R&D Tax Incentive claim you can connect your Xero account or Google Drive to seamlessly pull over financial or project documents. 
Guided Questions
Tailored questions and examples specific to your development project makes creating your R&D claim simple and personal.
Invite Collaborators
You can invite projects members or your accountant to ensure you provide a complete picture of the activities you've undertaken.
PwC quality
Powered by PwC Australia, one of the country's leading professional service firms. 
Transparent fixed pricing
Unlike others, we use fixed pricing so you know exactly what you're up for. 
Complete transparency
Always know what stage your claim is at, from beginning to review to payment. 
Simple online forms
We're open 24/7 allowing you to complete your claim or application effortlessly at a time that suits you.
Amazing service
Phone and online support with a specialist when you need it plus a huge Help Centre of FAQs + more. 
Not eligible, no fee
Stress-less. We don't charge for unsuccessful claims or applications. 
Who is eligible
New or past claimants of the R&D Tax Incentive
Existing Nifty Grants customers looking to claim a consecutive year
New customers who have or have not claim the R&D Tax Incentive in the past
What you'll need
An hour of time for the call/Google Hangout
2-4 R&D questions prepared
Ability to pay via credit card to book
What you'll get
One on one time with a Nifty Grants R&D Specialist
Trust that your specialist is a knowledgable PwC employee
A post-call summary of talking points and any additional information
Book a consultation with an R&D Tax Incentive Specialist for only $330 (AUD inc GST). This covers up to an hour of discussion time.
This fee is payable by credit card to confirm booking. Contact us to discuss
Frequently asked questions
Will I still be charged the full fee, even if my call is short?
As with other Nifty Grants services, we charge a flat fee for delivering this service. The objective of the service is to resolve your queries, and this may take less than the allocated hour. By the same token, we won’t cut you short at 60 minutes, but we expect that an hour is sufficient to cover typical explanations.
When do I pay for the R&D Assist?
Full payment of $330 (inc GST) is required to confirm your R&D Assist call booking. You can pay easily using a credit card. If the consultation is unable to take place, we will offer a refund facility.
What kind of questions can I ask on the R&D Assist call?
You can ask questions relating to any past or future R&D claims - whether completed with Nifty or not in the past. During the R&D Assist booking process, you’ll have an opportunity to select topics/questions in advance. Please refer to the question example list above for reference. 

Please note that our responsibilities and scope for our services we provide is limited to the services and information we have listed on our website.
The provision of advice and guidance as part of the R&D Assist product is only accurate and complete to the extent of the written and verbal information provided by you and is limited to the provision of R&D Tax services.
We note that the advice we provide is also only based on the circumstances at the time of our service and you acknowledge that these circumstances may change in the future which may affect the accuracy and relevance of the advice. Should the circumstances change, you should seek guidance on the impact.
Who are Nifty Grants?
Nifty Grants is a simple and affordable way for startups and emerging companies to access government grants and incentives to support cash flow and grow their business. We’re backed by PwC Australia and our online platform, available 24/7, has helped small Australian companies access more than $30mil in grants and incentives refunds to fuel their growth.

Using the Nifty Grants platform, you can access the R&D Tax Incentive, Export Market Development Grant and obtain an ATO private rulings for Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) status. Learn more about us and meet our team here.