Get up to 50% of your 
overseas marketing costs 
Join the hundreds of Australian companies taking advantage of Austrade's Export Market Development Grant (EMDG). Applications open 1 July 2018.
Whether attending trade shows, buying advertising or hiring overseas sales people, the EMDG programme is here to help Australian companies grow.

With generous reimbursements of up to 50% on eligible marketing costs available, Nifty Grants makes applying for the EMDG programme simple.
Answer questions
You'll be guided step by step through our online form, with most claims completed in an hour.
Prepare application
EMDG specialists will review your documentation and lodge your application with Austrade.
Get refund
We'll lodge your application with Austrade. Once lodged, eligible grants are typically processed within 60 days.
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Guided Questions
Easy to follow guided EMDG questions that make applying for the grant simple and stress-free.
Invite Collaborators
You can invite project members or your accountant to flesh out the info you may not have on hand.
Simple online applications
Access the platform 24/7 to complete your claim, effortlessly, at a time that suits you. 
Plus we’ve improved our service delivery by providing more feedback and support to help you put forward the best application possible. 

Amazing Support
Using a completely online service when you have an EMDG benefit at stake can be a little stressful. However we’re available to support you the whole way through the application process. Have the peace of mind that a PwC specialist will be on hand when you need help. 
Simple fixed fee pricing
We know that quality is important to you, but so is price and we won’t leave you wondering how much our services will cost. Our fixed tiered pricing is based on marketing spend and covers all the support you need to lodge your application.

Who is eligible
Businesses with a total annual income of A$50 million or less
Spent a minimum of A$15,000 of eligible overseas marketing activities
The principal (not the agent) of the export business
Is promoting good or services to residents of other countries
What you'll need
Details of all overseas marketing activities
Supporting documentation for marketing and travel expenses
Director and shareholder details
Overseas income information (if applicable)
What you'll get
Free eligibility assessment
Chat/Phone Support
Preparation of EMDG application
Lodgement of EMDG application with AusTrade
Always know what you'll pay with fixed pricing, based on marketing spend.
$30K - $50K Marketing Spend
AUD plus GST
$50K - $100K Marketing Spend
AUD plus GST
$100K+ Marketing Spend
AUD plus GST
Spent less than $30K? Contact us to discuss
Frequently asked questions
If I am eligible, am I guaranteed to get money back?
A refund from the Export Market Development Grant is not guaranteed. We will work with you initially to confirm your eligibility and potential grant benefit. If you are a first time applicant you are required to satisfy Austrade entry requirements, which include providing financial statements and some information that explains your business and your product or service. 
How much can I get refunded?
You can get up to 50% of your eligible marketing costs refunded. For your first two grant applications, Austrade will calculate your provisional grant entitlement based on a formula: 50 per cent of (total eligible expenses - $5,000 non-reimbursable threshold amount).

The maximum grant for eligible applicants is $150,000, subject to funds available in the scheme.

Once approved, when will I receive my payment?
EMDG payments are split into two payments; an initial payment plus a second tranche payment. 

If your provisional grant entitlement is below the initial payment ceiling amount ($40,000 2016-2017), you will receive your full entitlement in one payment shortly after Austrade has processed your application.

If your provisional grant entitlement is above the initial payment ceiling amount, you will receive:
  • part of your entitlement in an initial payment equal to the initial payment ceiling amount shortly after Austrade has processed your application
  • a second tranche payment at the end of the financial year.
When can I apply?
You can submit an application to claim the EMDG for expenses incurred in each financial year from the 1st July following the end of each year. Applications close every November. To create a new EMDG application, sign up to Nifty or log into your existing account.