Help your clients claim the R&D Tax Incentive seamlessly.

Are you working with clients who are innovative or who are creating new products or technologies?

If so, they may be eligible to claim the R&D Tax Incentive.

This Federal Government incentive program is open to Australian companies who are spending $20,000 or more on eligible R&D activities. Ensuring you are only claiming the eligible activities can be complex and require specialised expertise to ensure compliance with the legislation. PwC’s Nifty Grants is a simple way to claim the R&D Tax Incentive - and our online service could open the door for you to provide R&D Tax services directly to your clients. 

Nifty Grants for Accountants, Tax Agents & Business Advisors

If you’re lacking the in-house expertise to deliver defensible R&D Tax claims, don’t send your clients to a competitor - keep your clients in house and use Nifty Grants to fill in the gaps. 

Nifty Grants can allow you to provide R&D Tax compliance services to your clients, with the comfort of knowing the claims are being reviewed and signed off by a team of R&D Tax Specialists, opening new sources of cash flow for them and positioning you as a holistic business partner. 

Transparent, fixed fee pricing
No surprises here! With our flexible, per claim pricing, you and your client will be aware of our service fees upfront.

Simple and convenient online claims
Our platform is easy to use and accessible anytime to meet the needs of busy business owners. Invite your clients to collaborate on the claim, or complete the forms yourself. 

Backed by PwC
Our team of experienced PwC R&D Tax specialists review and process every claim. We also complete a two step PwC sign-off process, so you can be assured all claims meet government standards.

Access to exceptional knowledge and support
We’re not just software - we’ve built a questionnaire with industry tailored questions and examples to help your clients understand the program. And there’s plenty of support throughout the process from our team of PwC R&D specialists. 

Integrations you’ll love
Link Nifty Grants with Xero and Google Drive to streamline the claim process. Authorise once and get immediate access to the supporting documents to complete your claim. 

Training and education support
We don't just provide you the platform and the specialists to process claims - we'll help educate your team and clients about the R&D Tax Incentive. 

A service designed for you and your clients

Our goal is to make federal government grant and incentive programs accessible to as many innovative companies as possible. 

Collectively, we can achieve this. The Nifty Grants platform is adaptable to meet your requirements. How we work together if flexible depending on your needs, including the number of clients you’re servicing, the likely volume of R&D Tax claims per financial year, and how you wish to be affiliated with PwC’s Nifty Grants. 

Interested to learn more?

We invite you to register for a call-back to discuss your needs with one of our team and work out how Nifty Grants can provide a solution to help you and your clients access government grants and incentive programs including the R&D Tax Incentive and how you can grow your company's revenue. Register for more information below