Power up your startup
Nifty Grants makes finding, applying and complying with government grants and incentive programs simple for Australian startups and small businesses.
Nifty Grants is a simple and affordable way for startups and emerging companies to apply for government grants and incentives to support cash flow and grow the business.

We’re a secure, cloud based platform, built and backed by PwC and we’ve collectively helped hundreds of Australian early stage companies access more than $30mil in grants and incentives to fuel their growth. 

Our services are:
Developing a new product or creating new knowledge? You could be eligible to have up to 43.5% of your eligible R&D expenses refunded. Check your eligibility for free. 

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Expanding your business to overseas markets? You could be eligible to have up to 50% of your overseas marketing costs refunded. 

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Seeking investment? Become more attractive to potential investors with an ATO verified Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) private ruling. 

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Not eligible, no fee.
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Connect your Xero account or Google Drive to seamlessly pull over financial or project documents.
Simple and supported online claims
Access the platform 24/7 to complete your claim, effortlessly, at a time that suits you. Plus we’ve improved our service delivery by providing more feedback and support to ensure that claim or application matches up to the increased scrutiny from the regulators.
Amazing support
Using a completely online service when you have a tax benefit at stake can be a little stressful. However we’re available to support you the whole way through the claim process. Have the peace of mind that a PwC Specialist will be on hand plus get access to a huge Help Centre of FAQs + more.
Not eligible, no fee
With more upfront checks in place, we’ll ensure you don’t waste your time or money completing a claim or application when you’re not eligible to do so. Plus, we’ll never charge for assessment that is deemed by us as ineligible.
Simple fixed fee pricing
We know that quality is important to you, but so is price and we won’t leave you wondering how much our services will cost. Our fixed tiered pricing is based on spend and covers all the support you need to lodge your application or claim. 

Trusted PwC Quality
Because we’re backed by PwC, you can access the expertise of trusted, experienced and knowledgeable tax professionals at one of Australia’s leading professional service firms.

Complete transparency
One of the great benefits of our platform is transparency - we give you the control over your claim at all times plus we offer a number of add-on services in case the case you require additional support.


No surprises here. We charge a fixed, transparent price for all our services.

As a web platform, backed by one of Australia’s leading professional services firms, you’ll get PwC quality for an affordable price.
R&D Tax Incentive
Tiered pricing, based on R&D spend. Learn more about our enhanced service delivery process and fees here.
AUD plus GST
Export Market Development Grant
Tiered pricing based on marketing spend from: 
AUD plus GST
ESIC ATO Private Rulings
One simple fixed fee of:

AUD plus GST
Add-ons (optional)
Write My R&D Claim
Save time, have a PwC 
specialist write your R&D claim.
AUD plus GST
Frequently asked questions
Who are Nifty Grants?
Nifty Grants is a simple and affordable way for startups and emerging companies to access government grants and incentives to support cash flow and grow their business. We’re backed by PwC Australia and our online platform, available 24/7, has helped small Australian companies access more than $30mil in grants and incentives refunds to fuel their growth.

Using Nifty, you can access the R&D Tax Incentive, Export Market Development Grant and obtain an ATO private rulings for Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) status. Learn more about us and meet our team.
Which grants can I claim with Nifty Grants?
Our platform allows you to access some of the most common but challenging Federal Government grants and programs. These include:
  • R&D Tax Incentive
  • Export Market Development Grant  
  • ATO private rulings for Early Stage Innovation Company status (supporting the Investor Tax Incentive)
What is Nifty Grants’ relationship to PwC?
Nifty Grants is a secure, cloud-based service built by PwC Australia. The knowledge in our platform - and the expertise you have access to as a Nifty Grants customer - is from PwC specialists. Learn more about PwC.
I’m an accountant, can I use Nifty Grants?
Accountants are more than welcome to use our platform. You can work with either as an affiliate or you might like to whitelabel our technology. Find out more.
The Nifty Grants team asked all the right questions to ensure we submitted a compliant R&D claim.
Scott Taylor, Perx Health
We were surprised how easy the process to claim the R&D Tax Incentive could be!
Lisa Du, Ready Tech Go
With an Early Stage Innovation Company ATO private ruling through PwC, we were able to secure in excess of $1mil in funding. 
Richard Jeffares, Two Bays Brewing Co.