Get cash back with the 
R&D Tax Incentive
If you’re an Australian startup or small business doing research and development you may be eligible to get a generous cash refund through the Government’s R&D Tax Incentive.

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Whether you have been developing a new product, process, equipment or service you may be entitled to have over 40% of your development expenses refunded.

Nifty Grants makes claiming the incentive simple and stress free so you can get back to business.
Answer questions
You'll be guided step by step through our online form, with most claims completed in under an hour.
Prepare claim
PwC R&D specialists will assess your answers and prepare your claim to Government standards.
Get benefit
We'll provide the documents you need to get your benefit. Once lodged, benefits are typically processed by the ATO within 28 days.
Not eligible, no fee
Take a tour
Connect your Xero account or Google Drive to seamlessly pull over financial or project documents.
Guided Questions
Tailored questions and examples specific to your development project makes creating your R&D claim simple and personal.
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You can invite project members or your accountant to flesh out the info you may not have on hand.
Simple online claims
Submit your R&D claim effortlessly at a time that suits you.
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Phone and live-chat support with a specialist, just when you need it.
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Stress-less. We don’t charge for unsuccessful claims.
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Unlike others, we use fixed pricing so you know exactly what you’re up for.
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Always know where your claim's at, from beginning to end.
Who is eligible
For-profit companies, incorporated in Australia
Who have created a new or unique product or service
Who undertook experimentation, without a known outcome
Who spent a minimum of $20,000 AUD on the research and development
What you'll need
Technical knowledge of activities
Profit and loss statement
Balance Sheet
Employee/Contractor salaries
Shareholder agreements
What you'll get
Free eligibility assessment
Chat/Phone Support
Preparation of R&D claim by PwC
Lodgement of R&D claim with the AusIndustry
R&D tax schedule to file with the ATO
Always know what you'll pay with fixed pricing, based on R&D spend
$20k - $50k R&D spend
$50k - $250k R&D spend
$250k - $500k R&D spend
Spent over $500k? Contact us to discuss
Add-ons (optional)
Write my claim
Have a PwC specialist write your claim. 
Frequently asked questions
What is the R&D Tax Incentive?
The Australian government supports innovation by encouraging local businesses to develop new or improved products and original solutions. This support is offered through the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Incentive, reducing the financial risk involved in undertaking R&D activities.

The R&D Tax Incentive offers a targeted tax offset of up to a 43.5% refund of costs for eligible Research & Development activities that benefit Australia.
What expenses can I claim?
Overheads involved in the R&D project could be eligible for the R&D Tax Incentive. This includes expenses such as:

  • Salaries of staff involved in the project
  • Australian contractor costs
  • Utilities and equipment
  • Travel expenses

All R&D expenses need to be proven by documentation that the expenses are directly related to R&D activities.
If I am eligible how much can I claim?
You can claim on all eligible expenses provided the amount you’ve spent is above $20,000 dollars in a financial year (ie July to June). 

Even if you think you’ve spent less than this on your project, you still may be able to claim. Contact our team to discuss your situation.
How long do I have to claim my R&D?
There is a 10 month period in which you can claim the R&D Tax Incentive. This period opens on 1 July and closes with AusIndustry on the 30th April. 

When making a claim you can only include expenditure incurred in the previous financial year.
The Nifty Grants team asked all the right questions to ensure we submitted a compliant R&D claim.
Scott Taylor, Perx Health
We were surprised how easy the process could be.
Lisa Du, Ready Tech Go
We found Nifty Grants to be the fastest, most cost effective way of filling out our R&D by a factor of 10.
Alex Martell, Vinus